Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Collection Part 2: Sky is falling.

 When I first moved into the new place, things were bare and simple.

Everything was spread out and all over the place- at least what was out. A good chunk of my stuff was still packed up as I waited to get some new shelves, which I eventually did.

 Looking back it's adorable how bare things were. This room was massive compared to my old one.

However after a few months of living here, the ceiling began to drip. As it turns out, the ceiling in the basement (yes I am quite literally a basement dweller) didn't have insulated duct work.

So me and my family had to rip the sheetrock down, take care of all the mold, add flex duct, etc.

The resulting mess of course also meant I didn't have a proper bedroom to sleep in and had to sleep on a sectional couch along with my roommate, which I did very poorly. I don't like sleeping outside my own bedroom very much.

But,  once that was done, we decided adding a drop ceiling with plastic tiles would be smart, just in case anything happened again.

The lighting got a lot better afterwards as well. With the reno-job over it seemed everything was getting back to normal. My stuff was going back up and I turned to making the room even better with more wall art and shelving for display. The next few years would see me going to my first convention (Lexcon) getting some great wall prints, new furniture would be acquired, new toys would be acquired as well.

This leads into my original intention for this series of posts, which was simply to show off my collection and nothing more. I took photos in December of last year with the intention of showing the most up to date colletion. However, the most up to date will have to wait until next time.

For now, lets take a loot at the room back in December.

I had finished Gavan around this time and bought his figuart for a pretty good price off amiami.
I gave my old Ichigo to a friend who had theirs break while I bought the Seihou.
You'll also notice quite a few other additions from the years in between, like MonsterArts SokogekiGoji- my favorite Godzilla suit. Juspion, figuarts Ultraman, etc.
 Significantly more figuarts here. Most of the ones here were bought by me over time. A few like Kiva-La were gifts, the one in particular being when my room mate moved out shortly after our trip to Lex Con. In fact he also bought me that Dragon Ranger back around 2013 and the Dragon Coin, which is Lexcon themed on the back.

 Late addition to the shelf, an early Christmas gift.

 At the time what was essentially an Anime Shelf. Fran was again, a gift from my room mate. Lupin was a gift from another dear friend.

Look at all those boxes, sure looks nice lined up though. The cards are something I really need to find out how to display better, probably a float frame of some sort. Stronger and RX Ganbaride cards where gifts. I'm also quite fond of the V3, Stronger and Black cards, those were illustrated by the artist and writer of Kamen Rider Spirits, Kenichi Muraeda.

 After the whole ordeal with the ceiling we had a lot of insulation foam left over, so I used some of it to create a diorama just for funsies. You'll also notice a Bill & Ted shot glass, I picked that up when my family went on vacation to Universal.

 By this point I had already given my Sengoku driver up, but I got a Aura Changer to compensate. I split a set with a friend, she getting the Kiba Changer. See, this is how we be thrifty.

Hulk here was one of the items I picked up at LexCon on the last day, got a good deal on him too because of it. You'll also notice poor Wolverine laying down. He unfortunately broke off his base and the rear peg is gone. I've been working on fixing him.

Two very nice prints here. On the left, an Alex Ross work for the Ultraman DVD set in Japan. I picked that up off amazon and they also make a 27x40 version. The V3 came from Generation Kikaida Its is super super thick paper, very high quality.

The Audrey Hepburn as The Bride was something I picked up at Lex Con and I don't actually think is made anymore, sadly. They also had a James Dean as the Monster. Still, I will link to the store included with the print. Also check out Little-Vampires, it's a cute web comic.

Another diorama I was working on, haphazardly tossed in with some HP stuff.

The remnants of my Marvel collection. I still have the vintage stuff packed away.

Autographed cover. For those wondering I do not like the N52 at fucking all, but hey, signed cover.

What a mess...

This bit here isn't actually mine but my room mate's, except for the star wars blocks, which were toys from Taco Bell back in the 90s.

 RM's figma's in front of my Monsters.

Lovely prints here, Link Between Worlds print was from Club Nintendo. The RE3, Castlevania and Metroid prints are mine, the others my room mate's.  The majority of those are by Rusty Shackles.
 (Who needs a freaking store envy so I can buy more prints)
The Metroid is by Andrew-Heath.

Yes, that is in fact my original PS1. Well, kinda. My dad actually had to return the one he originally bought because it quite literally didn't work out of the box

 Sega Genesis Model 1 here with the CD add on. My original Gen is no longer around, this one was my cousins and then my aunts. Also have the PSP and WiiU here, two consoles with a lot in common in that I only own two games from each and they gathered a lot of dust.

What happened after taking these photos was quite the doozy. We'll get to that next time.